ClimAir, Vindavvisare till framdörrar, Svarta, 2st, Passar till DAF XF, XG, XG+, XD 2022-

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  • Ready made for DAF XF, XG, XG+, XD 2022-
  • Colour: Dark
  • Made of premium cast acrylic glass
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Bilproducent:Daf, Universell
Bilmodell:Divers, Universell

Wind Deflectors Dark suitable for DAF XF, XG, XG+, XD 2022- - Front doors

Rain and wind deflectors optimize the air circulation inside the car and contribute to your driving comfort. The premium cast acrylic glass guarantees a surface without pores, optimal aerodynamics and certainly a sporty look.

The deflectors prevent snow or rain from entering the window. This ensures that you can drive with partially opened windows without being bothered by the bad weather. In addition, the deflectors ensure wind noises are reduced if you drive with your windows open. This is also an ideal solution for smokers!

The deflectors have a unique fit and are tailor-made, especially for your type of car, so they fit precisely and perfectly.

Here are the facts:

  • If the window is partly open, rain and snow will be stopped.
  • Prevents heat from accumulating because the window can remain open during the hot summer days.
  • Decreases the inside temperature in the passenger compartment.
  • Optimized air circulation.
  • More security and relaxed driving.
  • Reduces wind noise when windows are open.
  • Material: high quality cast acrylic Glass.

The deflectors are easy to assemble due to the optimum fit that fits exactly in the original window channels, so that the deflectors stay firmly in place. The set contains instructions and on our YouTube channel you can find a clear instructional video.


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