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Sonniboy Volkswagen Polo VI (AW) 5 doors 2017-

Artikelnummer: CL467155

Tillgänglighet: ✓ 3-5 vardagar

2 169,00 kr
Sonniboy sunshades for your Volkswagen Polo VI (AW) 5 doors 2017- (complete), perfect for long holiday trips, the beautiful summer weather and it is especially pleasant for your passengers. Within a few minutes you will have it installed and you remove it even faster. You simply click the Sonniboy between your window styles and you drive away. Because of the optimal fit and elegant look the Sonniboy is very popular among car drivers. In warm and sunny weather conditions the Sonniboy sunshades keep UV light out so the upholstery/leather of your car does not heat. The woven cloth structure gives your car a neat and discrete appearance, your car gets the tinted window look. Sonniboy sunshades are the perfect alternative for window foil, blinds and expensive privacy glass because it combines all in one. The blinds block the sun and you can drive with your car window open. Because the Sonniboy covers the entire window, you can even drive with a fully open window. The cool breeze can flow into your car and insects can not penetrate. For cars that dont have an air conditioning system it is the ideal solution for the sun and heat. Each set consists of custom Sonniboy sunshades for all windows behind the B-pillar (except mentioned otherwise). You can install it in no time. And it\'s not a problem if moisture, dirt or cigarette ash is spilled on it, because the Sonniboy sunshades are made of durable, dirt and water-repellent material and are easy to clean.

The Sonniboy set includes a manual and on YouTube you can find numerous instructional videos. Should you wish to have assistance with installing your Sonniboy sunshades you can always go to a car dealership.

The benefits of Sonniboy sunshades:

1. Optimal mounting without drilling. With the handy clips that are included you can install them in just a few minutes in your car. Easy to apply, you just snap them into the window frames. And just as easy to remove.
2. Excellent shielding against sunlight, heat and insects.
3. It has exactly the same dimensions of your window frames and cover the entire window.
4. Your car gets a clean and discrete appearance.
5. The Sonniboy set ensures that people cannot take a peak in the back of your parked car.
6. Durable, dirt and moisture resistant material. Easy to clean.
7. Safe Material: the frame is made of light and flexible steel wire coated with fire resistant polyester fabric.
8. Your car warms more slowly on the inside by the sun.
9. Can be used with an open window.
10. Children\'s eyes are no longer plagued by the sun.


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