Racoon PREMIUM WASH MITT Washing Glove

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359,00 kr
  • Premium wash mitt
  • Super fluffy microfibre
  • 100% Made in Germany
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Racoon Premium Wash Mitt - Super fluffy microfiber wash mitt for gentle vehicle washing

With the Racoon Premium Wash Mitt, we present you a microfibre wash glove that makes gentle hand washing of vehicles a real breeze. The microfibres on the surface of the Racoon mitt are arranged particularly densely next to each other and are also extremely fluffy. With a length of up to 15 mm, they absorb dirt particles excellently and thus help to avoid micro-scratches when washing 2 buckets. The glove develops the best gliding properties when you use it together with one of our high-quality car shampoos, which forms dense foam and a strong lubricating film.

Easiest handling and best shape retention thanks to reinforced fibres in the middle section.

The fibers of the glove actively support the foam formation of the shampoo used and thus ensure gentle cleaning. Furthermore, the Premium Wash Mitt from Racoon is characterized by its particularly high water absorption capacity. This not only improves the gliding properties, but also means that hand washing can be carried out much faster. The Racoon glove is optimally matched to all our shampoos, but can also be used with high-quality vehicle shampoos from all other well-known manufacturers.

Care instructions:
- only hand wash max 30°C
- not suitable for the dryer
- do not iron
- do not bleach


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