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K&N Typhoon Kit Toyota GT86 & Subaru BRZ 2.0 2012-2018 (KN 698619TS)

Artikelnummer: CL466728

Tillgänglighet: ✓ 6-10 vardagar

10 029,00 kr
K&N Typhoon kit

K&N Typhoon kit. A look under the hood of modern cars makes it clear that the air intake is limited by unnecessary bends and kinks. Air flows the best in a straight line, and is most preferable not slowed down by the filter material.

With a K&N air filter you optimize the air supply to your engine. This ensures better performance and a better engine sound. Because of this feature many people call it a power filter.

This type of K&N air filter replaces the whole factory air box with a fully enclosed injection modified airbox, air filter, to reduce noise and cool air. The airbox comes with a removable cover for easy maintenance and a custom filter, a Velocity Stack (Vela). This filter is designed to provide an efficient and direct airflow to the engine which provides extra power.

Benefits of a K&N Typhoon kit:

1. More power, more torque and better throttle response.
2. The kit includes all needed brackets, hoses and attachments.
3. Water repellent.
4. Washable & reusable.
5. 4 layers of oiled cotton for maximum protection. The oil layer is a magnet. Dust and dirt is stopped on the outside even though there is 40% more air forced into the engine.
6. 600.000 miles warranty.
7. Only clean every 50.000 to 100.000 miles.
8. The kit features a clear manual.
9. Most kits come with a cold air supply hose.
10. All metal parts are coated for long life.

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